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  • Why Can’t Amazon Convert Prime Shoppers Into Whole Foods Shoppers?

    April 13th, 2019

    Most of Whole Foods shoppers are likely to be Amazon shoppers and even Prime Members, but how many of Amazon’s 100 million U.S. members regularly shop at Whole Foods? Fewer than 20%, despite Amazon’s ongoing efforts. Here’s why.

  • Amazon Shrank The Shopping Trip; Can You? 3 Ways To Get More Out Of Micro-Trips

    July 16th, 2018

    Super-short shopping trips began making headlines when research revealed a sharp increase of them at some Whole Foods stores, thanks largely to the installment of Amazon Lockers. Why are micro-trips so important, and how can retailers cater to new shopper expectations in a five-minute period?

  • Grocers Beware: Food Delivery Closing The Gap Between Campus And Commerce

    April 23rd, 2018

    Many college students struggle to afford meals, but in prosperous urban communities, others are changing how meals are ordered and eaten. The grocery industry should pay attention: The ways students take their meals will shape how millions buy food over the decades.

  • How Major Mergers Are Changing Your Favorite Private Brands

    February 26th, 2018

    Among the features that attracted Amazon to Whole Foods is its popular private label, 365 Everyday Value. But mergers in the retail industry also are forcing private labels to change – in terms of access, innovation and price. For consumers, it’s altering the shopping basket in many ways.

  • Does Whole Foods Need The Middle Aisle? What The Shift Toward Fresh Means For Retail

    September 14th, 2017

    Consumers are eschewing the middle aisles of supermarkets in pursuit of healthier foods, including prepared meals. When they do venture into the packaged-food aisle, it’s often for private labels. With Amazon about to buy Whole Foods, this trend could shift into hyperdrive.