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Sample Keynote Topics

The Loyalty Leap: Turning Customer Information Into Customer Intimacy

The complex sea of consumer marketing is presenting unprecedented challenges for today’s organizations. Several powerful forces in market conditions, from the fragmentation of the media to privacy concerns, are converging to alter the environment in which we compete, and only the most innovative and creative organizations will stay afloat. How will today’s tools guide us to a prosperous future? The answers lay not so much in the existence of consumer data, but in the practices used to responsibly collect it and put it to work.

Bryan Pearson, author of the bestselling book, The Loyalty Leap: Turning Customer Information Into Customer Intimacy, provides a sneak peak into the most effective use of data to create emotional loyalty. Drawing on 20 years of firsthand experience and research, Bryan will share his secrets to building customer intimacy in an information age while also navigating the minefields of privacy. From weathering the major forces that are altering marketing to empowering employees through customer data, Bryan provides the tools to make the Loyalty Leap.

Key Learnings:

  • Building relevant communications that engage consumers when they want, wherever they are
  • The common myths behind the privacy debate and a challenge to critics who equate data-usage marketing with for-profit spying
  • The powerful strength of Enterprise Loyalty
  • How to close the customer commitment gap through meaningful communications
  • The difference between customer intimacy and loyalty, and how to use it to drive growth

Making the B2B Loyalty Leap

For decades, the loyalty industry has invested in resources to best understand and recognize consumers. But few organizations know how to apply the same lessons in a business-to-business context. The B2B sector is a multi-billion dollar market ranging from large corporations, to channel marketers to the small business segment. In this presentation, Bryan Pearson, author of bestselling books, The Loyalty Leap and The Loyalty Leap for B2B, will share his strategies for creating profitable B2B loyalty initiatives. Using examples and case studies from his new e-book, Bryan will show the steps companies must take to build loyalty in a B2B environment.

Key Learnings:

  • Transformation/change management (of a company, product category, marketing approach)
  • Demand/lead generation and nurturing
  • Accountability: tracking/measurement/ROI

Customer Data – Privacy, Profit and the New Paradigm

Data has long been a critical tool for marketers wanting to build customer loyalty, but few have been able to draw a direct correlation between loyal consumers and their financial effect on the bottom line. Against this backdrop, marketers also find themselves facing increased scrutiny among lawmakers regarding customer privacy. At a time when privacy concerns are heightened, is there a way to win the public’s trust regarding data while also realizing its direct contribution to profitability? The answer is yes, first through the responsible use of the information consumers share with us, and then by giving them something of real value in return.

Bryan Pearson, author of the book The Loyalty Leap: Turning Customer Information Into Customer Intimacy, reveals five principles for using data responsibly to create real value for consumers, through relevant communications, rewards and recognition. He also shares the results of a recent survey of U.S. and Canadian consumers that reveal attitudes about how personal information is being used. The findings may surprise you as much as Bryan’s disarmingly straightforward tips to winning the consumer, from the inbox to the aisle—tips that enable LoyaltyOne to maintain a 99.99% opt-in rate among its 10 million AIR MILES members.

Key Learnings:

Learn how to use data to create relevant communications that connect with consumers wherever they are
The difference between behavioral and emotional loyalty, and how to achieve it
How to turn customer information into customer intimacy through a value exchange
Results of recent survey of consumer attitudes about data and privacy

Moving Beyond Fear-Based Marketing: Building Customer Intimacy Through Relevance

Consumer data can be used to positively influence the customer experience in many ways. Yet oftentimes it is fear that marketers rely on to sell products. A range of brands and services, from Rogaine to weight loss systems to Purell, have made millions of dollars on consumers’ fears of becoming sick, unattractive or unloved. But unless it delivers a positive association with your brand, fear will not guarantee loyalty, nor will it build long-term customer relationships.

Bryan Pearson, author of the bestselling book, The Loyalty Leap: Turning Customer Information into Customer Intimacy, suggests we look at fear on the inverse, and connect with consumers on the basis of hope. Through the deft and responsible use of data, marketers can shape their brands to be technically, functionally and emotionally relevant to consumers. Then, through a mix of overt and subtle messaging, marketers can take the first steps toward turning the fear messages into beacons of hope. Using real corporate examples, Bryan will share stories of brands that turned fear on its ear, and thrived.

Key Learnings:

  • How to flip the five basic fears, and turn them into hope
  • Striking the right balance of overt and covert messaging
  • How to build brands that are technically, functionally and emotionally relevant
  • Identifying the best context for which to deliver emotionally resonant messages
  • How hope builds trust through clarity, recognition and relevance

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