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Retail Today: Same Difference

RetailTodayStoryArtSee retail in any country across the world, and you realise that consumer challenges are local, even when they are global

One recent story I read detailed the issues Indonesian merchants face in trying to maintain loyalty at a time when consumers collect loyalty cards as if they are coupons. The customers have learned to use different programmes at different times, depending on the offer or price promotion.

What these savvy customers are doing, of course, has nothing to do with loyalty. Any sharp loyalty programme operator should recognise this fact before even attempting to change behaviour. To gain dedicated customers – not bargain hunters – marketers must first address the underlying problem, which points to a lack of engagement. Temporary solutions, such as occasional sales or discounts, may be born of good intentions, but they aren’t designed to fulfill the ultimate goal: enduring customer loyalty.

Read the full story here.

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