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Fresh Gigs: Professional Life: Bryan Pearson CEO of LoyaltyOne, and Author of Loyalty Leap

Byran Pearson answers Fresh Gigs’ questions relating to his best-selling book, The Loyalty Leap.

Bryan, you believe companies should shift some of their focus from acquiring clients to putting the consumer front and centre. Can you explain?

Many companies are product-obsessed, meaning they operate with complete focus on creating, developing and enhancing their products to meet an existing need. Other companies are product opportunists – they obsess on the product, but also use their data occasionally to solve issues involving service or sales dips.

Both of these types of companies operate every day. But these days, with dramatically shifting technologies and fickle consumer demands, merely responding to consumer shifts isn’t enough. The company has to put the customer at the center of its purpose from the start, and then base every decision it makes on what is meaningful to that consumer, using the data the customer shares.

This is what I call a customer-committed company, and it is the one that stands apart. Customer-committed organizations, such as Caesars Entertainment, Nordstrom or, commit to two-way dialogues with their customers and use a careful balance of data and innovation to design a relevant customer experience.

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