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Customer data can inform decisions throughout your company that make the difference between simply retaining your customers for the time being and developing long-term emotional loyalty. Generally, there are three categories of corporate readiness out in the market today...

Quiz Categories

Which category is your organization in and how does it drive your strategy?

Loyalty Leap Quiz


Is your customers' transactional data used as a filter to making decisions throughout all areas of your business?

If you had to estimate, what portion of your collected transactional data is actually analyzed and used to bring value to your customers?

How relevant are your communications/promotions to your most loyal and valuable customers?

Does your company actively work to gain the loyalty of its frontline employees?

Would you say repeat business is your company’s definition of customer loyalty?

How much of your customers’ data does your company believe it should collect?

Does your company agree that customer satisfaction is an accurate measure of customer loyalty?

Does your company collect and use SPATIAL INFORMATION?

This refers to the physical location, such as the neighborhood, in which the customer lives, his or her daily travel routes and the places where he or she does business.

Does your company collect and use TEMPORAL INFORMATION?

This means timing but can also be expanded to reflect a big lifestyle shift such as a new baby, a move to a different state or a career change. But these changes also can be rather small, such as a home renovation project or a family reunion.

Does your company collect and use INDIVIDUAL INFORMATION?

This reflects the consumer’s unique/personal interests, passions and values, from motorcycle riding to recycling.

Does your company collect and use CULTURAL/COHORT INFORMATION?

This means any ongoing activities that regularly group people together. In addition to the standard demographics, it includes lifestyle choices that define a person’s activities, from tri-athletes to churchgoers to avid sports fans.

Are data-analytics talent and database technology treated as strategic imperatives in your organization?

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