• Capturing your audience’s attention is more difficult than ever. Bryan Pearson shares remarkable insights about a next generation of consumer intimacy where both the consumer and the company end up as true winners.

    Martin Lindstrom
    Bestselling author of Brandwashed
  • The key to making The Loyalty Leap is shifting your company’s focus away from products or services and instead putting PEOPLE (the customer and your employees) at the heart of your purpose. In this book, Bryan Pearson walks us through this intriguing journey, drawing on firsthand stories and behind-the-scenes anecdotes that illustrate how everyday data can build emotional loyalty.

    Chester Elton
    author of The Carrot Principle and The Orange Revolution
  • LoyaltyOne President & CEO Pearson has written the seminal book on “customer-experience marketing.” Moving the reader past the specter of intrusion often associated with incentive programs and data collection, Pearson points out where a business’s focus should be: the customer. As he notes, focusing on the customer—or “customer intimacy”—is quite different from “customer loyalty” and the book is oriented to this latter goal. Loyalty for Pearson is more than a program; it’s an emotional connection gained when the “customer is yours.” He discusses components of this bond, how to engender it, and the roadblocks one may encounter in the process. Additionally, he outlines tactics to avoid—such as the creepy and the invasive—since data acquisition and mining are such crucial elements of loyalty development. With a book so strongly dedicated to achieving these very specific business/marketing goals, it is refreshing to find that Pearson is able to engage the reader, communicating without boring. Agent: Jim Levine, Levine Greenberg Agency. (May)

    Publisher's Weekly
  • “The Loyalty Leap is the best guidebook I’ve seen to date on developing real, lasting customer relationships.”

    Chris Taylor
    Founder of Actionable Books