• Pearson leverages two decades of frontline experience with loyalty programs to give marketers sound strategies for navigating the world of privacy and data integrity. The Loyalty Leap is extraordinarily insightful and clearly illuminates how to successfully manage customer information—the greatest asset in the digital age.

    Don Tapscott
    bestselling co-author of Wikinomics and Macrowikinomics
  • Today’s executives are challenged with establishing loyal customers amid the new customer power. Utilizing the power of customer knowledge, Mr. Pearson describes the path to customer loyalty through enterprise loyalty. If customer loyalty is your target, Loyalty Leap is your vehicle to get there.

    Lior Arussy
    CEO Strativity Group. Author of several books including Customer Experience Strategy (2010)
  • With The Loyalty Leap, Bryan Pearson has constructed a bridge that spans the gap between soulless customer experience data and the relevancy of a successful loyalty progam as a method to establish a platform with your customers. His is a work that begins at the intersection of privacy and trust—and it is a bridge I highly recommend you cross.

    Randy Petersen
    Chairman and President, Inside Flyer Magazine
  • Bryan Pearson has hit on one of my top 5 complaints about businesses over the last few years. He will help you re-learn what loyalty REALLY means.

    Chris Brogan
    president of Human Business Works, co-author of Trust Agents