Quiz Results:

Customer Committed

You've already taken The Loyalty Leap. Most organizations could learn a lot from you.

You're in the company of Starbucks, Amazon, Gilt Groupe and Tesco! Many of these organizations have won the hearts of their customers through the perfect combination of customer data and innovation. You use data responsibly, as a strategic window through which to properly view the lives and values of your customers today and in the future, and as tool when prospecting for new products or service opportunities. The result is long-term, loyal relationships that guarantee growth in your business.

Ask Yourself:

A. Having clearly demonstrated your prowess, are you looking at ways to further optimize how data inspires your operations?
B. Are you maintaining constant checks and balances to be sure your customer data is being gathered and used properly, and that you are only collecting the data you need, and using the data you collect? After all, even loyalty leaders can continue to get stronger, especially as customer loyalty becomes an increasingly pertinent issue for your competitors.
C. Your example could also be impactful to others. Would you be open to having your success story profiled by COLLOQUY, a LoyaltyOne research group? If interested, please reach out to Managing Partner Kelly Hlavinka here to express your interest.