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You're getting there, now you need to take The Loyalty Leap.

You aren't a Starbucks or Amazon yet. You likely have access to some or even extensive amounts of your customer data, but your organization isn't completely committed to using it. You have executed some customer-intimate tactics, such as delivering promotional messages that meet the consumer where she is both physically and in her life stage. But you have yet to use customer data to inform decision-making among such strategic priorities as product innovation, merchandising and even pricing. Remember, customer intimacy is the only way to transform the customer experience. If you truly want to enrich relationships with your customers, you will need to understand their values, their needs and their aspirations and then use that insight to shape every aspect of your operations. This is what it means to take The Loyalty Leap.

Ask Yourself:

A. Think of all the ways you collect customer data today. Where do all the inputs go and who uses them? Map it and look for gaps in collection vs. use and you'll uncover opportunities for insight.
B. Do members of your frontline staff feel empowered or required to serve customers better? Through a more satisfying experience, your best customers will become more engaged and share more relevant data with you.
C. What's preventing senior leadership from making The Loyalty Leap? Lack of measurable success? Difficult implementation? Cost worries? Knowing the biggest pain point is the first step toward changing minds.