Quiz Results:

Customer Casual

You have a long way to go, but customer intimacy is still in sight.

You lack a strong, data-driven customer focus throughout the business. In other words, you are not gathering and using customer data to deliver relevant experiences that will engender loyalty. This may be because you've chosen to emphasize product innovation, customer service or cost leadership as your competitive advantage. These aren't bad strengths - the issue is that you aren't using customer data to inform your strategic decisions because it isn't being shared and put to use across your organization. You might also be less precise in understanding your customers' behavior if you get feedback solely from frontline staff, focus groups and/or third-party market research. While these measures can provide you some insight, nothing will ring truer, and provide a more holistic understanding of the consumer, than information gathered directly from your customers' interactions with you and in their world outside of you.

Ask Yourself:

A. Do you have a means to ask your customers for data you can analyze to improve their experience or to design better products and services? You'll need one.
B. Are you making major product/service decisions without a clear view of how your customers interact with you? These may be somewhat informed decisions, but the clarity you gain from your actual customers is unmatched.
C. Do you have partner organizations in your value chain that could help you better understand your customers? They might have the data and/or the ambition to work with you to find it.