B2B Chapters

  • 1.

    Introduction: What is a B2B Loyalty Leap?

    The goal of Bryan Pearson’s first book, The Loyalty Leap: Turning Customer Information into Customer Intimacy, was to create more enriched customer experiences through the responsible use of data. But while explaining his concepts to audiences across the globe, he kept hearing the same question: How are these concepts applied in a business-to-business setting? Bryan begins by explaining what it takes to make the Loyalty Leap, and then how organizations can embrace this customer-committed approach in the B2B setting.

  • 2.

    Bon Voyage for B2B–Are You Prepared to Launch?

    Bryan provides the key lessons and concepts of making the Loyalty Leap in a B2B context. These foundational principles include the four R’s of loyalty (relationships, rewards, recognition and relevance); the fours doors to relevance (spatial, temporal, individual and cultural); and the corporate-wide philosophy of enterprise loyalty. Bryan will apply these principles across three distinct types of organizations – small businesses, large enterprises and channel marketers – and explain the unique qualities of each.

  • 3.

    Can I Create Intimacy in a Business Relationship?

    Making the Loyalty Leap in a B2B setting means balancing two demands: those of the client business and those of the end users. Doing this requires more than a straightforward loyalty program; it requires a customer mandate that specifies how to use customer information in a way that support’s the client’s growth and goals. Here, Bryan outlines six critical steps for devising that mandate, and how to approach them in each of the three business sectors (small businesses, large enterprises and channel marketers).

  • 4.

    The Case Studies

    The process of making the Loyalty Leap is brought to life in this chapter through four best-practices case studies. Each illustrates the six steps to making the Loyalty Leap, as well as Bryan’s foundational principles to becoming customer committed. Each of the first three case studies highlights successful B2B marketing initiatives for small businesses, large enterprises, and channel marketers, respectively. The final case study describes an initiative that applies to all three sectors. The companies featured are American Express, Teradata, Premier Healthcare Exchange and salesforce.com.