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At a time when consumers are increasingly concerned about the use of their personal data, why is it that almost 10 million people willingly share their information with one of the largest loyalty companies on earth?

In his bestselling book, The Loyalty Leap: Turning Customer Information into Customer Intimacy, LoyaltyOne President Bryan Pearson draws on more than 20 years of first-hand experience in building emotional loyalty in the information age, with insightful stories from the trenches of the data-gathering and marketing communications fields. The Loyalty Leap reveals:

  • The common myths behind the privacy debate and a challenge to critics who equate data-usage marketing with for-profit spying
  • The powerful strength of Enterprise Loyalty, and the role of front-line employees in building relevancy through the use of customer information
  • How to close the customer commitment gap through meaningful communications, including through social media
  • Five principles for using customer data responsibly while recognizing the concerns and debate about privacy—thus enabling the loyalty leap

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How do you turn customer information into customer intimacy in a B2B environment? Discover how to apply the lessons of The Loyalty Leap for B2B.

Since the publication of The Loyalty Leap, Bryan Pearson’s customer-committed approach to marketing has changed the ways many companies think about customer data. Small coffee shops and large corporations have applied the Loyalty Leap principles in ways that benefit both the company and its customers. The Loyalty Leap for B2B reveals:

  • The required principles for making the Loyalty Leap in a B2B relationship across three different segments: small businesses, large enterprises and channel marketers
  • The key differences between business-to-customer and business-to-business loyalty initiatives and the blueprint for using customer information to support a business’s specific goals
  • The six steps to building a loyalty initiative that will produce enduring business relationships while improving revenue and productivity
  • Best-practices case studies from leading organizations that illustrate The Loyalty Leap’s six steps and principles in practice

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