June 10: Loyalty Links & Likes

Loyalty Links & LikesTweak These 5 Programs to Jumpstart Customer Loyalty – Forbes

Forbes contributor John Rampton offers five company engagement strategies that nurture existing customer relationships to create meaningful emotional connections.

What Makes A Loyal Consumer: Experiences, Not Points – MediaPost

This story covers Epsilon Vice President Dino Michetti’s presentation at the Email Marketing Insider Summit, where he told a “beyond the coupon” panel that it’s important for loyalty programs to go beyond points and create meaningful customer experiences. He went on to say that loyalty programs should not only be measured in dollars, but in brand engagement.

Front-End Alignment: 4 Tips for Finding, Fixing Management Misunderstanding – COLLOQUY

When creating a loyalty strategy, it’s important for marketers to make sure business leaders from various departments are aligned, or risk running a program that is unable to meet objectives. LoyaltyOne Consulting’s JR Slubowski identifies misalignment hotspots and how to straighten them out.

Improving Customer Loyalty with Relationship Marketing – The Wise Marketer

According to Princeton University psychology professor Dr. Uri Hasson, empathy is at the heart of human relationships and human relationships are at the heart of marketing. So what can marketers do to make sure they apply empathy in their marketing tactics? The Wise Marketer makes some suggestions backed up by science.

CXplained: What’s a Multimodal Customer Experience? – Business 2 Community

In today’s technology-driven business atmosphere, there are a menagerie of terms used to describe commonly similar things. Business 2 Community explains the difference between multichannel, multimodal and omnichannel marketing in regards to the customer experience in its CXplained series.

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