May 6: Loyalty Links & Likes

Loyalty Links & LikesBuilding Customer Loyalty in a Programmatic World – 1to1 Media

Programmatic marketing – the application of automated media optimization – is becoming a big trend among marketers in 2015. However, 1to1 Media warns that while programmatic initiative can be easy to pursue, it works best when combined with other marketing tactics and is just one step of many toward building customer loyalty.

Are You a Habit Your Customers Can Break? – Direct Marketing News

This story serves as a good emotional loyalty refresher. When attempting to measure customer loyalty, some organizations are inclined to look at behavioral loyalty and think that it’s enough, as long as customers are buying from them. Behavioral loyalty, however, can be driven by aspects such as price and discounts – not emotional attachment to a brand – and customers may leave without regret if a competitor lowers its prices.

Taking Loyalty to the Curb: What Coke, Red Lion and Others Would Spring Clean Out of Loyalty – COLLOQUY

Loyalty marketing publication COLLOQUY recently asked its readers what they would “spring clean” out of loyalty in an attempt to identify the superfluous minutiae in modern programs. This article features the responses of retail and agency experts who wish to do away with things like elite tiers and impersonal communications.

Your Customer Experience Must Save Your Customers Time – Business 2 Community

While a key aspect of a good customer experience is making customers happy through unique interactions, some retailers overlook the fact that they also have to improve efficiency and save customers time in order to delight them.

2015: The Year Big Data Becomes Agile? – Forbes

In this article, Forbes contributor Teradata poses that 2015 is the year that big data becomes an integral part of an agile business strategy. We often hear of startup companies being agile because they are able to avoid the bureaucracy typical of large corporations. However, approaching big data with small steps and the proper segmentation can lead any organization to an agile future – regardless of size.

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