May 28: Loyalty Links & Likes

Screen shot 2012-06-20 at 9.38.29 AMFocus on One Thing at a Time in Customer Experience Strategy – PeopleMetrics

The merits of improving the customer experience have become very clear, but where’s a company to start? PeopleMetrics offers some tips on how to properly implement a customer experience strategy, recommending a focus on one thing at a time in order to see long-term results.

How to Leverage Content to Delight Your Customers and Increase Brand Loyalty – Business 2 Community

According to Marketing Metrics, the likelihood of selling to existing customers is 60% to 70%, as opposed to 5% to 20% for new customers. It’s important, however, to remain engaged with these existing customers to stay top-of-mind, and delivering relevant content is a great way to ensure this.

Pinned, Liked and Tweeted Into a Stupor? 8 Tips to Refine the Social-Loyalty Link – COLLOQUY

Social media has become an integral part of engaging a brand’s customer base, and research has shown that it has a large influence on purchasing decisions. COLLOQUY presents some great examples of how large brands are leveraging this technology to engage customers and some tips to ensure that social media strategy complements loyalty strategy.

Scaling Customer Experience in the Sharing Economy – Forbes

The sharing economy has given rise to pioneering companies like Uber, Etsy and Airbnb, amongst others. Since many of the employees of these companies are considered contractors, how do they keep the customer experience consistent? Forbes contributor Blake Morgan makes the case for employee training and onboarding, improved communication and coaching executives.

5 Loyalty Program Do’s and Don’ts – Retail Customer Experience

While the creation of a loyalty program is a good start for a company looking to improve its retail performance, sometimes the attempt can fall short of achieving the original goals. Kevin Yeow of ICLP, a customer relationship consultancy, reviews the five fundamentals that all successful loyalty programs should strive to perfect, and the potential pitfalls of each.

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