May 13: Loyalty Links & Likes

Screen shot 2012-06-20 at 9.38.29 AMTo Move Forward In Customer Service, Measure Outcomes Instead Of Interactions – Business 2 Community

The availability of technology is changing the way organizations are empowering customers – from 24/7 digital service channels to providing instant feedback via social media. This excerpt from a podcast interview between The Service Council’s COO Sumair Dutta and Bill Patterson of Microsoft explores the current state and near future of customer empowerment.

Retailers Cautious About Embracing Upgraded Payment Options – Retail Customer Experience

A new study from ACI Worldwide has found that 54% of retailers are withholding investments on new payment technology due to security concerns. Retail Customer Experience interviewed ACI Worldwide’s Michael Grillo to analyze the findings and find out the extent to which it will effect marketers.

Building Loyalty That Lasts – COLLOQUY

In this Q&A, loyalty marketing consultant Noah Fleming talks about the loyalty marketing principles laid out in his new book “Evergreen: Cultivating the Enduring Customer Loyalty That Keeps Your Business Thriving.” Fleming uses the analogy that a program should be like an Evergreen tree – lush and healthy year-round.

Big Data: Protecting Privacy Is Good For Business – InformationWeek

Many companies struggle to balance the need for consumer privacy against their need to collect the kinds of data necessary to improve profitability. Sometimes the best way to tackle this issue is to simply increase transparency, making sure customers know exactly what your collecting and giving them the choice to opt-out.

How Predictive Analytics Can Boost Customer Experience – Vanilla Plus

The rate at which customer data is collected is expected to increase 23% annually for the next few years. With this prediction in mind, how can companies make sure that they’re mining, and storing, data properly to deal with the influx? If positioned properly, can a company can take advantage of new analytics technology as soon as it’s available?

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