April 29: Loyalty Links & Likes

LinksAndLikes-0110 Universal Questions You Cannot Skip to Run A Successful Loyalty Program – Business to Community

Whether an organization is considering starting a loyalty program or already has one that could use some optimization, this list of 10 questions covers all the bases for any program to be successful.

What Shoppers Will Change for Loyalty – BizReport

We often hear marketing experts proclaim that businesses need to adapt to their customers’ needs and wants, but what if a program can be designed so well that consumers change their shopping habits just to use it? This short interview with Christopher Barnard, president of, provides some insight.

Charged! How Nike, Gap and Gamestop Use Loyalty to Revolutionize the Customer Experience – COLLOQUY

While discounts continue to be a staple of most specialty retail loyalty programs, an increased focus on the customer experience has allowed companies like Nike, Gap, Gamestop and others to reach customers on a more personalized, emotional level.

The Economics of the Customer Experience – CX Journey

One of the biggest roadblocks loyalty marketers face when working to enhance the customer experience involves convincing senior management to make the investment to do so. This article discusses the economics of customer experience initiatives, how to convince senior executives of the return on investment and how to justify the cost.

Report: Path to Online Purchasing is Nonlinear – Retail Customer Experience

New research from Bronto Software has found that today’s consumers use multiple devices to do their shopping on a weekly basis. They also prefer to make purchases on a web browser as opposed to a mobile app. This article examines some other results from the study and the implications for marketers.

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