April 22: Loyalty Links & Likes

Screen shot 2012-06-20 at 9.38.29 AMDon’t Rain on Customers’ Loyalty Parade – Direct Marketing News

In recent surveys, a large majority of marketers agree that a personalized experience and holistic view of each customer is vital to the customer’s overall level of commitment to a brand, yet less than half say they’re able to deliver relevant communications. This infographic from Direct Marketing News compiles some recent data to illustrate this rift.

Turning Loyalty Into Advocacy: The Evolution of Incentivized Marketing – iMedia Connection

This article highlights a presentation by Jenn McCain-De Jong of The Limited and Cory Powers of Spendsetter about the power of incentivized marketing at the recent iMedia Commerce Summit. By leveraging mobile engagement, they sought to create brand advocates for The Limited.

Made to (Pre) Order: How Taco Bell, McDonald’s May Take Loyalty To Go – COLLOQUY

Quick-serve giants Taco Bell and McDonald’s have both gone on record that they are working on developing mobile-based loyalty Initiatives. This story provides a peek into what each has on the digital menu, the challenges to succeeding in quick-serve app territory, and tips to succeed.

Great Digital Customer Experience Must Be More Than Skin Deep – Forbes

This article from Forbe’s contributor Ken Calhoon of Forrester Research examines the state of the digital customer experience, citing research that indicates most companies are still “digital dinosaurs.” Part of the problem is that when tasked with improving, many marketers focus on high-level, customer-facing interfaces as opposed to optimizing back-end functionality.

Here are 25 Companies  That are Revolutionizing the Way We Shop – Financial Post

This list of 25 companies compiled by the Financial Post represents the leading-edge of the modern retail experience. Many of them go above and beyond the ordinary level of interaction a customer typically encounters with a product before deciding to purchase.

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