April 15: Loyalty Links & Likes

Screen shot 2012-06-20 at 9.38.29 AMMoleskin, Purveyor of Legendary Paper Goods, Goes Digital – Quartz
It doesn’t get much more basic than putting pen to paper, but Moleskin, the maker of iconic notebooks used by the professional and design community, has been making the effort to break into the digital space. “We want to serve the needs of the entire creative class,” co-founder Maria Sebregondi tells Quartz. It remains to be seen if it will come at the cost of alienating Moleskin loyalists.

Neighborhoods with Benefits – COLLOQUY
Staying local is paying off with loyalty programs that reward people not only for shopping local businesses but also, in some cases, for volunteering and sharing positive word-of-mouth about their communities. In some locations, rewards can be used to defray property taxes.

6 Practices That Will Shape Retail Digital Transformation – Huffington Post
Sashank Saxena, director of digital and e-commerce for the grocery chain Kroger, shares trends (and the best practices for handling them) when it comes to retail, digital analytics and how to best serve customers. These tips are a must-read for any business owner or marketer, no matter what they’re selling.

The Rise of Inbound Marketing and the Death of the Cold Call – Entrepreneur
The “cold call” is no stranger to marketers, but smart campaigns are built out of more than picking up the phone or hitting send on an email solicitation. This story explores the psychology of why a solid inbound marketing strategy can lead to higher customer satisfaction and sales conversion.

It’s Time to Fight Back Against Big Data – Forbes
Consumers only have so much attention to give marketers, and the competition is fierce. Stephan Brobst from Teradata wonders what it would be like if companies armed consumers with the same customer relationship marketing systems they are accustomed to. Could this be the cure for a bloated inbox filled with irrelevant emails?

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