March 4: Loyalty Links & Likes

Screen shot 2012-06-20 at 9.38.29 AMWhat Loyalty Marketers Can Learn from Dating – Business 2 Community

In this article, Geoff Smith of CrowdTwist argues that persuading people to join a loyalty program is a lot like dating. If a company comes on too strongly, it risks pushing a customer away. Sometimes a slow-and-steady approach, allowing the customer to become comfortable first, is the best plan of action.

From Apple to SoulCycle: Here’s How Cult Brands Breed Loyalty and Fanaticism – Entrepreneur

Much like social cults, the brands that inspire fanatical levels of loyalty – like Apple, Harley Davidson, Lululemon and more – are those that move customers to act irrationally. These so-called cult companies often gain loyalty by pandering to customer emotion, but how can these brands maintain their momentum in the long term?

Dialing C for Customers: How Telecoms Are Moving From Products to Customer Focus – COLLLOQUY

Telecommunications companies, like much of the commodities sector, are struggling to increase their customer bases and compete on pricing. In light of these challenges, many telcos are turning to customer loyalty and engagement initiatives to help improve business performance, writes LoyaltyOne’s Caroline Papadatos.

To Win the Customer Experience Battle Companies Need A Customer-Focused C-Suite – Forbes

Many marketing experts have recently championed the role of the chief customer officer, touting the benefits a fully customer-oriented business mindset can have on overall performance. Despite this, a recent survey found there are approximately 400 active CCO’s globally, meaning that opportunity abounds for those that have yet to change their customer philosophy.

Technology Gives E-Commerce Players an Edge on Customer Loyalty – Marketing Interactive

There is no doubt that customers across the globe love online shopping, with customers in China spending $540 billion online in 2014 alone. Rickie Hobbie of Epsilon analyzes the Chinese e-commerce market and offers tips on how to encourage customer loyalty through online transactions.

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