March 26: Loyalty Links & Likes

Loyalty Links & Likes5  Things SMBs Can Do Better Than Starbucks with Customer Loyalty – Business 2 Community

Starbucks’ sheer size and ability to invest in digital and customer-focused initiatives has allowed it to become a juggernaut in both the coffee and customer loyalty industries. However, small- and medium-sized businesses have an opportunity to not just emulate, but also improve on the concepts Starbucks has introduced by being more nimble and responsive to local tastes and preferences.

Study: Apps Are ‘New Battleground’ in Customer Loyalty – Allvoices

This article highlights the results from a study that found a business risks losing 27% of its customers with an inferior mobile app experience. Dubbing the results as indicative of the “application economy,” the argument is made for apps to become a core part of a customer-facing business.

Reworking Sainsbury’s Recipe – COLLOQUY

When it comes to seeing the retail experience from the customer’s point of view, Justin King, the former CEO of British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s, found it is important to remove the proverbial table and sit alongside the customer. In this Q&A, King talks about how he leveraged loyalty marketing principles to turn that cart around.

Qantas’ Transformation From Airline to Data Hub – ZDNet

This article details the holistic transformation of Qantas’ marketing department from a subset of the ordinary airline business to a stand-alone, customer-data powerhouse. This dramatic shift toward fully understanding its customers has not only allowed Qantas to enhance its frequent flyer program, but also expand into new business territories.

Starwood VP of Marketing: Managing Customer Expectations Requires Emotional Credit – CMO

Starwood Hotels’ Daniel Kerzner, speaking at the ADMA Data Day in Sydney, Australia, gave some insight on how Starwood uses customer data and social media channels to create more personalized experiences that surprise and engage customers. He said that companies need to find a balance between consistent good experiences and used the analogy of customer credit in a bank account to illustrate his point.

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