March 19: Loyalty Links & Likes

Loyalty Links & Likes5 Things Your Loyalty Program Should and Shouldn’t Be – Marketing Interactive

The days of exclusive loyalty are long gone as consumers are presented with numerous choices, yet loyalty programs are still a vital aspect in the goal of generating revenue. This article offers five tips for making a compelling program and what that does – and doesn’t – look like.

Tackling Customer Loyalty in the Travel Industry – PerformanceIN

In loyalty marketing, specifically in the travel industry, it can be the small things that add up to win over a customer. This extract from PerformanceIN’s Travel Performance Marketing digital supplement takes a look at the challenges loyalty marketers face in breeding travel loyalty.

American Express to Launch Coalition Loyalty Program in US – COLLOQUY

American Express announced this week the launch of Plenti, a coalition loyalty program in the United States. This COLLOQUY news item features excerpts from an interview with Abeer Bhatia, CEO of U.S. Loyalty at American Express, who gives some background on the development of the program.

How Disney, FedEx Create Value at the Corner of Customer Experience and the Internet of Things – Forbes

The ever-growing mountain of machine-generated data from the Internet of Things will be a major force in big marketing initiatives  specifically for tailoring the customer experience  for years to come. In this column, Teradata provides examples of how large companies such as Disney and FedEx have leveraged mined data to make their offerings more customer-focused.

Time to Focus on the Twin Pillars of Big Data 2.0 – The Wall Street Journal

In this column, part of The Wall Street Journal’s CIO Journal, Randy Bean lays out what he feels are the two big foundational pillars of big data in today’s modern business environment – data integration and data governance.

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