March 11: Loyalty Links & Likes

Loyalty Links & LikesThe Secret to Amazon’s Customer Loyalty Success – Business 2 Community

With a 93% level of customer engagement, Amazon continues to be at the forefront of the customer loyalty game, so what’s its secret? This article dives into how Amazon has evolved its subscription-based Prime service from a simple discount tool to a customer loyalty and engagement industry benchmark.

How to Respond to Bad Reviews to Build Customer Loyalty – Entrepreneur

We’ve all seen these types of stories in the news. An angry customer leaves a bad review about a product or service on a website and the company responds with hostility – to the detriment of its own reputation. While bad reviews are often unavoidable, businesses can still salvage the customer relationship by being proactive and  sincere.

A Little Food, A Little Drink, A Lotta Loyalty at TGI Fridays – COLLOQUY

With an increased focus on technology and emotional connections with customers, TGI Fridays is redefining loyalty in the casual dining category. In this Q&A, TGI Fridays senior director of CRM and loyalty, Michelle Malish, explains the strategy behind the Give Me More Stripes loyalty program.

Is Your Operating Model Set Up to Delight Customers? – Forbes

Many large companies are beginning to see the value in becoming customer-focused organizations. However, existing operating models – how they organize resources to execute strategy – do not always work well with the complex changes required to adapt to the customer landscape.

Four Top Hotel CEOs Say How Brand Loyalty Has Changed – Skift

In an industry driven heavily by price competition, it can be difficult for hotels to influence customers on an emotional level. This article, an excerpt from the e-book ‘Future of the Guest Experience,’ features four hotel CEOs’ opinions on the way hotel loyalty is changing.

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