February 18: Loyalty Links & Likes

Screen shot 2012-06-20 at 9.38.29 AMThe Three Biggest Mistakes Marketers Make With Loyalty Programs – Marketing Interactive

This article looks at three errors companies make when considering or implementing loyalty programs. Some companies have simply been late to the loyalty game, while others struggle to get their organization on-board.

Marketing is Dead, and Loyalty Killed It – Harvard Business Review

Marketing strategy expert and Harvard Business Review contributor Alexander Jutkowitz believes that marketers’ jobs may become irrelevant if they don’t become loyalty specialists. Put simply, companies can redefine a brand by de-emphasizing traditional marketing tactics and focusing more on customer engagement.

Taking Wind Amid Competition: 3 Ways to Make Loyalty an Airline Asset – COLLOQUY

Travel expert and COLLOQUY contributing editor Ryan Lile takes a look at how consolidation has altered airline industry over the last decade and recommends ways for airlines to use loyalty as a strategic weapon.

Your Loyalty Program Isn’t Creating Loyal Customers – AdAge

Many companies believe their loyalty programs have solved the problem of promiscuous customers, but often the transactional benefits inherent in many programs are more about increasing frequency than devotion to a brand. In this article, Forrester Research analyst Emily Collins offers reasons why traditional approaches to loyalty simply don’t cut it anymore.

What’s Holding MPOS Back in Big Retail? –

In this article, John Perry and Ruston Miles of Bluefin Payment Systems discuss the general difficulty mobile point-of-sale technologies have had achieving ubiquity. Security of customer data and information is of the largest concern, especially for big retailers, but a technology called point-to-point encryption may be the answer to their prayers.
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