February 11: Loyalty Links & Likes

Screen shot 2012-06-20 at 9.38.29 AMCha-Ching: 3 Rewards Programs Worth Cashing In On – CNBC

CNBC reporter Kelli Grant takes a look at the recently released COLLOQUY Loyalty Census to determine which three industries offer some compelling loyalty programs that distinguish themselves from traditional programs. Using data from the Census, she reviews programs in the drugstore, online travel and restaurant industries.

How ‘Pull’ Marketing Can Boost SEO, Loyalty for C-Stores – CSPnet

When designing customer-facing websites, many companies focus only on pushing their messages out, without considering the user experience that can help ‘pull’ customers into a brand. This article offers up the example of a Colorado convenience store chain that boosted its web presence with a complete online overhaul, and reaped the benefits.

Connecting the Points: Top 10 Loyalty Musts – COLLOQUY

The loyalty landscape is changing, and marketers must be adaptable to continue meeting the needs of their customers. COLLOQUY’s editor-at-large, Dennis Armbruster, offers up 10 requirements for winning in loyalty in 2015 and beyond.

The Simple Secret to Earning Customer Loyalty – Business 2 Community

Some marketers rely on complicated strategies and analytical models to marginally gain customer loyalty, but sometimes just following through on promises and focusing on customer service make a world of difference. This article provides three examples of good, and not so good, customer experiences that make or break customer loyalty.

3 Words for Loyalty Marketing in 2015 – Loyalty Truth

Loyalty expert Bill Hanifin details the three words that he feels define the course loyalty marketing will take as companies begin focusing resources on loyalty efforts in the next year.

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