January 7: Loyalty Links & Likes

Screen shot 2012-06-20 at 9.38.29 AMConsumers Advice for 2015: Your Brand’s Loyalty Program is the Wrong Way Round – Customer Think

Sometimes brand loyalty can be confused with the consumers’ preference for the attributes, experience or category of a company’s offering, rather than the brand itself. To change this, brands need to shift strategies to focus on being loyal to their customers, as opposed to the other way around.

Sony Hack Hurts More Than Star’s Egos: Brand Loyalty Takes a Hit – New York Post

The recent computer hacks on Sony exposed confidential information that damaged the reputation of company executives as well as some celebrities working on movies produced by the studio. The unexpected damage, however, comes in the form of brand reputation and reliability.

The Year in Review: Top 14 Loyalty Marketing Stories of 2014 – COLLOQUY

A look at some of the top stories in loyalty marketing over the last year, which ranged from major partnerships and program shifts to emerging technologies and loyalty strategies.

Jeff Fromm and Cherryh Butler: Three Ways to Inspire Millennial Loyalty – PSFK

Millennials are a skeptical generation. They are weary of advertising and only give up valuable information if they truly trust a brand. Companies can lure in these valuable consumers by being transparent, clearly stating their value and leveraging customer data.

5 Traits of Customer-Focused Companies – Business 2 Community

In order to become a company that is customer-focused, there are a few important aspects of the business that must be considered. In addition to actually expending the appropriate resources, it’s important to make sure key stakeholders are also on board.

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