December 3: Loyalty Links & Likes

Screen shot 2012-06-20 at 9.38.29 AMPersonalized Marketing Experiences and Content Breed Higher Brand Loyalty – Skyword

A new poll from SAP SE illustrates customers’ need for personalized communications, and the risk of them tuning out if it is not provided. This article backs up the findings with examples from brands like Oreo and Denny’s.

Location-based Technology is a Big Help to Retailers – Business Day Live

Can new technologies like Apple’s iBeacon and location-based mobile apps help retailers connect with customers who visit their stores? This article seems to think so, pointing out that geolocation helps a brand connect with customers at point-of-sale.

Lessons In Loyalty From the World’s Top Social Brands – COLLOQUY

This article looks at how brands like Starbucks and 20th Century Fox engage loyal customers online and in social media channels, and how other companies can follow their lead.

Small Businesses Are Big on Employee Loyalty – Business News Daily

Large corporations seem to be having trouble with employee turnover, struggling to offer ideal working environments simply due to overwhelming numbers. Smaller, locally run businesses have a much higher rate of employee loyalty, and this article helps to explain why.

Can Big Data Pay Off Big? –  Innovation Excellence

Marketing departments across the globe have had early success leveraging big data, but the value of the data is greatly diminished if improperly analyzed. This article explains that focusing too much on one type of data set, and failing to hire the right talent for the job, can render collected data ineffective.

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