November 19: Loyalty Links & Likes

Screen shot 2012-06-20 at 9.38.29 AMTop Three Tips to Implement an Engagement-Based Loyalty Strategy BizReport

There are clear benefits to fostering customer engagement, creating brand advocates to increase marketing reach. This article points out three ways to implement these strategies in an effective way.

Retailers Must Connect with Tech Companies to Win Customers’ Loyalty Marketing Magazine UK

A summary of a speech given by Josh Pert, director of multichannel customer experience at BT Wholesale, at the IDG Online and Digital summit on November 18. Josh stressed the importance of customer experience, and cited Amazon and Apple as industry leaders.

Prophecies for Prophet COLLOQUY

COLLOQUY details its predictions for seven radical loyalty trends in 2015, from touchscreen loyalty to data-storing t-shirts. It’s important for loyalty marketers to stay alert to new trends as the digitalization of marketing comes full circle.

Satisfying Your Customers Doesn’t Make Them LoyalMarketing Magazine Australia

Market researcher GfK has found that the correlation between customer loyalty and satisfaction is only 40%. What does this mean for marketers as they try to bridge the gap between satisfaction and loyalty?

Why Customer Retention is King: The Evolution of Retention MarketingForbes

While the primary objective of retention marketing hasn’t changed much, the shift towards customer engagement and personalization has changed the way it’s implemented. Jerry Jao, CEO of Retention Science, speaks to how the retention market has evolved and how technology will play a big part in it’s future.


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