October 8: Loyalty Links & Likes

Screen shot 2012-06-20 at 9.38.29 AM6 Customer Experience Lessons From a Digital Business Pioneer – Huffington Post

Fred Kirsch, publisher and vice president of content at Kraft Sports Productions, talks about how he transformed the New England Patriots into a digital marketing powerhouse, along with six lessons he’s learned about digital customer experience.

The Three Keys to True Customer Loyalty – Business 2 Community

When building customer loyalty, it’s important to clearly understand what a  loyal customer looks like. Failure to recognize this can be disastrous for business, so this article explores three key points for developing genuine loyalty.

Pop-Up Loyalty: Capturing Long-Term Commitment in Short Time Frames – COLLOQUY

Seasonal stores that come and go at various times of the year may not seem a good fit for a traditional loyalty program, but thanks to the emergence of technologies like RFID bands, loyalty marketers are unearthing real-time consumer insight that prove valuable even in the short-term.

Feeling Lucky? Many Loyal Consumers Do, Despite the Facts – Newswise

An interesting cognitive phenomenon points to evidence that customers who are loyal to a particular company think they have better-than-average odds of receiving valuable promotions or winning sweepstakes. The kicker, it seems, is that they arrive at this conclusion completely on their own.

Why Brands Are Using Mobile App Loyalty Programs – Mobile Marketing Watch

Jason Wolfson, marketing manager at RadiumOne, explains why brands such as Starbucks, Sephora, Gap and others use mobile app loyalty programs and the benefits they reap.

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