October 29: Loyalty Links & Likes

Screen shot 2012-06-20 at 9.38.29 AMSeven Customer Experience Case Studies that Generated Loyalty and ROI – Econsultancy

From Coca-Cola to Cadbury, these corporate case studies are great examples of companies offering personalized experiences that go deeper than simply ecommerce transactions.

Building Trust, Loyalty and the Revenue Pipeline with Content Marketing – Marketing Interactive

These days, consumers are subconsciously conditioned to ignore advertising, which can pose difficulties to traditional marketers. One way to break through this barrier is by engaging the customer with content marketing, helping them make smarter decisions.

Q&A: PepsiCo on Rewarding for Engagement – COLLOQUY

Mike Scafidi of PepsiCo offers some insight into how Pepsi redesigned its loyalty initiatives with a focus on customer experience.

Tesco’s Downfall is a Warning to Data-Driven Retailers – Harvard Business Review

With the recent resignation of its chairman and a market value at an 11-year low, some question Tesco’s operating strategy and wonder why the merchant is struggling despite its frequent declarations of being data-driven and analytical. The Harvard Business Review looks at what this might mean for other data-driven retailers.

Achieving Loyalty in the “Age of the Consumer” – Business 2 Community

The so-called “Age of the Consumer” has given people instant, real-time access to product information and customer reviews that can divert a shopper from a brands’ goal of purchasing. This article looks at some ways to reach the coveted consumer through the constant haze of technology .


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