October 22: Loyalty Links & Likes

Screen shot 2012-06-20 at 9.38.29 AMCustomer Satisfaction Can Kill: The Deadly ‘Who Cares’ Phenomenon and Customer Loyalty – Forbes

Research has found that self-reported satisfied customers are not as likely to make repeat purchases as previously thought. This article looks at the reasons for this and examines some methods businesses can use to bring the customer back.

Five Strategies to Instill Brand Loyalty in Today’s Young Customers – Entrepreneur

Family and friends play a large part in influencing the purchasing decisions of young people. This article covers five strategies designed to engage younger generations with a brand.

52 Ways Major Brands Leave Their Rivals… in the Dust – COLLOQUY

Geoff Smith of CrowdTwist offers a sampling of its newly released book, 52 Ways to Differentiate a Loyalty Program, that examines how brands like Virgin Airlines and Lancome distinguish themselves from the competition.

Two Numbers: Customer Loyalty Cards Don’t Add Up – Newsweek

The benefits of customer-loyalty programs are clear for businesses, but for customers the rewards may be less clear. Newsweek looks at this disconnect and examines the trade-off customers make when they give up their valuable data.

How To Improve Customer Winback With Quality Data – Business 2 Community

It’s generally easier and cheaper to target existing customers than attracting new ones. By maximizing the value of customer data, a company can easily take the necessary steps to win back customers.

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