September 17: Loyalty Links & Likes

LinksAndLikes-01The Loyalty Storm Brewing for Banks, Wireless and Cable Companies – Business 2 Community

Customer experience superstars are leaps and bounds ahead of their less competent counterparts. For industries that are at the bottom of the rung, it’s a tough road ahead to regain customer loyalty.

Why Do Companies Undervalue Customer Loyalty? – Forbes

Research has revealed time and again that it is more expensive to acquire new customers than to keep existing ones, so why are companies still so slow to change their tactics?

Pining for Memorable Experiences: A Q&A With B. Joseph Pine II – COLLOQUY

Author and customer experience expert B. Joseph Pine II chats with COLLOQUY about his upcoming presentation at the COLLOQUY Loyalty Summit, and explains why marketers should shift their investments from advertising to engagement.

Loyalty Is For Life, Not Just for Christmas – Marketing Week UK

With Christmas less than four months away, retailers are already starting to make holiday plans to capitalize on this busy time of year. But how can they develop long-term relationships with customers rather than seasonal flings?

Unlocking the True Potential of Big Data – Tech Radar

Loyalty in the modern age is often dependent on understanding evolved consumers through data collection, but how can businesses keep up when this need presents increased infrastructure and software upgrade costs?

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