COLLOQUY Loyalty Summit: Ikea, Kellogg, Caesars and Sephora Glean Sentiment From Data

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Many marketers think of effective loyalty as a deft combination of analysis and science; the exploration of data to unearth important consumer triggers. But what of the art? Beguiling the customer in a way that wins her heart as well as her wallet requires something along the lines of a crusade, exploring experiential passageways and adding an element of fun.

In short, achieving loyalty can be akin to concocting relevance in a test tube.

At the 2014 COLLOQUY Loyalty Summit, Sept. 29 to Oct. 1, that combination of art and science is evident through all of our speakers, representing brands from Ikea to Kellogg’s to Sephora. I am honored to be a presenter again at the Summit, and since I am, I’d like to provide a peek into our upcoming lineup:

Kevin Graff, retail specialist: Graff, president of Graff Retail, has for more than 20 years advised executives from Best Buy/Future Shop to Staples on how to improve sales at the store level. In his keynote presentation, Get Ready to Sell More – Choosing and Using the Right Retail Trends to Generate Loyalty, Graff will share significant retail trends and instruct attendees on how to leverage them for better loyalty and marketing results. His third book, “The 5 Foundations: The Key to Driving Better Results in Your Stores,” is due later in 2014.

Mike Walsh, futurist and author: Walsh is author of “Futuretainment” and CEO of the innovation research firm Tomorrow. His keynote presentation,The Customer Crusade – Using Big Data Across the Enterprise, will explore the human side of data and what Walsh calls “disruptive innovation.” His topics will include the convergent trends of mobilization, consumerization and big data, the integration of data into both product and service design, and what it all will mean for personalizing the customer experience.

Joe Pine, customer experience expert and author: As co-author of the books “The Experience Economy” and “Infinite Possibility,” Pine is a firm supporter of investing in marketing experiences. In his presentation, Marketing Experiences – The Pathway to Loyalty, Pine will illustrate why goods and services are no longer enough to engage the consumer, and how memorable events can engage individuals in inherently personal ways. To Pine, markets do not exist; only individual customers do.

Caesars Entertainment Corp.: In his presentation Caesars Goes All-In with Total Rewards, Michael Marino, vice president of customer loyalty, will explain how Caesars implemented several key strategies to its Total Rewards program to provide its 45 million members more ways to earn and redeem credits inside and outside the casino. These strategies include recalibrating the program’s tier structure and entering into strategic partnerships with major brands such as Starwood Hotel & Resorts and FanXchange, a leading provider of events tickets.

Orbitz Worldwide: Online travel service invested three years in developing its Orbitz Rewards program, launched in October 2013. In her presentation, Passport to Loyalty with Orbitz Rewards, Sarah Butterfass, senior director of loyalty, Orbitz Worldwide, will tell the story behind the program launch, including the wins and challenges, and the opportunities the program has presented.

Gabe Zichermann, gamification expert: As founder of, Zichermann is a key player in experiential loyalty today. His Summit session, Making Loyalty Fun Again: Gamification and Engagement,will explore the power of game mechanics at a time when many companies are seeking to offset reward expenses. Using firsthand examples, he will reveal some of the secrets of next-generation loyalty and how gamification can engage customers in novel ways.

Gabe also will lead one of our two Summit Loyalty workshops, titled The Gamification of Loyalty (more below).

Kellogg Co.: With more than 7.4 million members, Kellogg’s Family Rewards is one of the largest reward programs in consumer packaged goods, and it isn’t by accident. In his presentation, Serving up Loyalty with Kellogg’s Family Rewards, Mark Staples, associate director of digital loyalty marketing at Kellogg Co., will tell how the maker of cereals and snacks culls its data to better understand what inspires its customers, and uses that information to craft messages and offers that bring high redemption rates.

Sephora: In the seven years since Sephora launched its Beauty Insider loyalty program, the retail beauty industry – as well as reward programs – has blossomed. Sarah Choi, vice president of Beauty Insider, will detail how Sephora’s data insights keep it a step ahead. In Feeding Her Obsession with the Beauty Insider program, Choi will walk through Sephora’s many innovations and the task of balancing digitally savvy campaigns with brick and mortar stores.

Several other speakers, representing Ikea, Sears, Metro (Canada) and JCPenney also will be presenting, and we will offer several Think Tank Workshops where attendees can work on a real-world challenge, under the guidance of expert instructors at LoyaltyOne.

Additionally, the Summit will host as a special, post-conference workshop titled The Gamification of Loyalty, led by gamification expert Gabe Zichermann.

Finally, we will honor the most innovative and industry-shaping brands in loyalty through our COLLOQUY Recognizes Awards ceremony, which will honor the 17 winners from 2014. These global organizations represent a broad cross-section of industries from mobile technology and luxury retail to quick-serve food and finance. Winners are featured in bi-monthly issues of COLLOUY magazine and will receive awards at a breakfast ceremony during the Summit. We are taking submissions for 2015 winners, so feel free to send them through!


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