August 6: Loyalty Links & Likes

Loyalty Links & Likes1. The Value of Customer Experience, Quantified – Harvard Business Review

For business executives, the value of delivering a good customer experience is often not clear, because it can be hard to quantify. This blog post explores ways of quantifying the impact of good versus poor customer experiences.

2. How to Decide Which Loyalty Program is Best – Toronto Star

A review of Canadian loyalty programs and which deliver the best bang for their buck.

3. Lord, Lakers or Lassie? Where Loyalties Lay – COLLOQUY

A joint study by COLLOQUY and FanXchange reveals that American consumers are more loyal to their pets than their churches, favorite sports teams or alma maters.

4. Data Collection Methods to Boost Your Marketing Intelligence – Business 2 Community

Business intelligence is enhanced while marketing strategies are optimized with the help of the data collection process. This article details a variety of ways by which internet marketers are able to gather this valuable data.

5. You Can’t Eat Buzz: How to Create Profitable, Loyal Customers – Forbes

Buzz is a magical force, but it only gets a business so far. What businesses need is staying power, a customer experience that builds customer loyalty and gives customers a desire to return.

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