August 13: Loyalty Links & Likes

Loyalty Links & LikesThe Customer Journey & Relevant Experiences are the New Business Imperatives – Econsultancy

Today’s marketers are presented with a unique challenge: the need to deliver customers experiences that are coordinated across all channels, with personalized, relevant messaging and content.

Four Loyalty Lessons Marketers Can Learn From Brett Favre – Direct Marketing News

The former Green Bay Packers quarterback’s journey exemplifies what it takes for brands to win—and lose—fans. These four loyalty lessons help marketers tackle key brand challenges.

Lucking Out with Loyalty: State Lotteries Try to Keep up With the Competition – COLLOQUY

Loyalty programs are taking lotteries in a new direction as they focus more on fun than strictly winning or losing.

Customer Loyalty Programs Turn Shameless Amid Intense Competition – Huffington Post Canada

Competition for consumer dollars is becoming fierce and companies are pulling out all the stops to build loyalty, but marketers need to step back and realize that these tactics won’t work unless the product or service they’re plugging is of good quality.

Retailers Are Transforming Marketing and Brands Must Adapt – Ad Age

Recent moves by retail giants Walmart and confirm that the marketing landscape is evolving. To meet this challenge, brands need to focus on relevant, personalized connections with every shopper to foster brand loyalty.


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