July 9: Loyalty Links & Likes

Loyalty Links & LikesThree Simple Tactics to Increase Customer Loyalty – Marketing Profs

Companies with a rock-solid reputation that make a remarkable product priced fairly still only less than halfway to creating the kind of loyal, repeat buyers every business longs for.

Go Big or Go Home with Customer Experience – CMSWire

With so many companies adopting customer experience strategies and in some cases setting up dedicated customer experience teams, why are their efforts falling short?

New Pain Points Research: Profit, Personalization Key Concerns – COLLOQUY

A COLLOQUY survey of executives reveals that loyalty program profitability is among key concerns. Separate interviews with CVS, Men’s Wearhouse and Marbles: The Brain Store shows personalization and communication challenges.

How Big Data Can Improve People Practices and Policies – New Republic

Companies are not nearly as advanced when it comes down to knowing their own employees as well as their customers: A look at what makes employees happier and more efficient, as well as how to attract top talent.

Five Ways to Enrich Your Rewards Program and Gain Customer Loyalty – Business 2 Community 

Rewards programs can initially bring customers back to a brand for repeat purchases but to work long-term, companies need to consider why the customer is engaging with the rewards programs to begin with –  is it just for the reward or because the program has achieved brand loyalty?

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