July 16: Loyalty Links & Likes

Loyalty Links & LikesHow Valuable Are Your Customers? – Harvard Business Review

Not all customers are created equal. Figuring out which to focus on and invest in is critical if you want to maximize your profit.

One Does Not Simply Walk Into Customer Loyalty – Business 2 Community

Even though U.S. brands can collectively boast 2.5 billion loyalty program members, the number of programs in which a consumer is active in shows that loyalty programs do not necessarily make loyal customers.

Textbook Loyalty: Six Lessons on How to Improve Back-to-School Sales – COLLOQUY

American households are expected to spend billions of dollars on dorm and classroom supplies this year. This story lists six ways merchants can use loyalty initiatives and insights to increase basket size before the school year begins.

Relationships, Not Rewards, Are Key To Successful Loyalty Programs – Retail TouchPoints

Consumers’ overall engagement in traditional loyalty programs has declined consistently over the past four years. Winning back that loyalty today requires a mix of personalization, exclusivity and omnichannel engagement. This story provides five tips to do that.

Mobile is the Essential Link in Customer Experience – CMS Wire

The 2010 customer expected brands to provide an easy way to find what they were looking for. The 2014 customer expects brands to anticipate what they  might want and present it to them, in context, perhaps even before they know they want it.

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