July 23: Loyalty Links & Likes

Screen shot 2012-06-20 at 9.38.29 AM1. 5 Tips to Increase Customer Loyalty in the Age of Social Media – Funnel Envy

Social media may be one of the most effective mechanisms for increasing customer loyalty both early on in the relationship and throughout the customer lifecycle. This article takes a closer look at some techniques that work.

2. Brand Loyalty and The Millennial Mom – Business 2 Community

Word-of-mouth marketing is a key factor in brand loyalty, and seven out of 10 U.S. mothers share their favorite brands, products and services to other mothers on a monthly basis.

3. Augmented Reality: How Loyalty Programs Can Benefit From an Emerging Technology – COLLOQUY

Shoppers are eager for engagement. Augmented reality, the combination of real-life images with information, is keeping it real via mobile apps. In this feature, COLLOQUY looks at how Walgreens and others are using the technology.

4. Brand Promise, Customer Experience, and CMO Lessons for the CIO – ZDNet

Research into the gap between customer expectations and their experiences indicates profound implications for IT and the CIO.

5. Loyalty is a Retail Game-Changer for Oil Companies – Convenience Store Decisions

Convenience store and petroleum marketers who have already invested in a rewards program are gaining an edge on competitors who are still waiting to take the leap into loyalty.

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