June 4: Loyalty Links & Likes

Loyalty Links & Likes1. Customer Experience: Business Strategy or Technology? – Business 2 Community

When executives embark on improving the customer experience it’s important to establish which aspect they are looking to improve, and where they expect to receive a return on their investment.

2. Flipping the Perspective on In-Store Technology – RetailWire

Some retailers think about in-store technology as a way of helping store associates keep up with information the customers already have rather than focusing on customers’ interests. This approach will almost always lose.

3. Data Diviner: A Q&A with Futurist Mike Walsh on the Customer of Tomorrow – COLLOQUY

If today’s brands want to maintain relevance with tomorrow’s fast-evolving consumer, then they should think about the flesh, not the figures.

4. Seven Ways to Keep, and Serve, Millennial Customers – Retail Customer Experience

Within the next few years, Millennial customers will hit service providers with a wallet force larger than that of the baby boom. And these young customers, also known as Gen Y, bring to the market an entirely new set of expectations.

5. Data Analytics: Reaping the Data Dividend – Bank Systems & Technology

Data analytics are essential to helping financial institutions stay the strategic course while balancing risk mitigation requirements with the drive for growth.

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