June 11: Loyalty Links & Likes

Loyalty Links & Likes1. The Rising Cost of Not Opting Into Loyalty Shopping Programs – TIME

In the future, every retail experience could be defined by whether you’re in or out of network.

2. Accounting for Loyalty – Or Not – COLLOQUY

Some major companies still do not account for the value of their loyalty rewards, but those companies that do indicate loyalty initiatives are improving overall operations, while also translating to billions of dollars in liabilities.

3. Solving the Customer Experience Vs. Engagement Vs. Omnichannel Puzzle – Forbes

Could all the hand wringing over customer acquisition, churn and loyalty been blown out of proportion?

4. The Challenges of Customer Lifetime Value – Marketing Week UK

The multichannel digital age and the isolated nature of organizations are hindering brands and companies from calculating one of the key measures of success – the lifetime value of a customer.

5. Analysis: Eight Trends Changing Customer Experience in Retail – Retail Week

Delivering strong customer experience has never been more important. Retail Week looks at the top trends affecting shoppers’ interaction with retailers.

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