COLLOQUY Loyalty Summit Preview: Putting a Dollar Sign on Loyalty

6-9-2014 10-15-19 AMIt may be hard to put a price on unwavering loyalty, but when that loyalty translates to sales, we marketers have gotten pretty good at it.

Smart marketers know, for instance, that quantifying the value of loyalty requires a balance of art and science. We have warehouses of highly detailed data that provide hard evidence of consumer behavior and preferences. Yet we need to rely on nuanced, human interpretations to conclude what that data might indicate when combined with outside variables.

The results can be brilliant. Some major brands have evolved their loyalty programs into sophisticated platforms from which they can manage a variety of simultaneous promotions and events. When done well, these efforts translate to emotional loyalty – when the consumer commits to one brand over all others regardless of price or convenience.

It is a topic I look forward to hashing out with my loyalty peers in September at the 12th Annual COLLOQUY Loyalty Summit.   I plan to reveal at the Summit not only the tactical strategies behind the art and science of loyalty marketing, but also a preview of work we’re doing to quantify the impact of the drivers of customer value and the factors that influence customer experience.

And I won’t be alone. This year, COLLOQUY has lined up a cross-section of loyalty heavy hitters seldom seen under one roof, from Kellogg’s to MasterCard to To be held in Scottsdale, Ariz., the Summit draws an intentionally limited attendance so guests can freely share ideas with others from across industries. I hope you are among them.

Among the featured sessions at the 12th Annual COLLOQUY Loyalty Summit:

• Keynote presentations by retail expert Kevin Graff, who specializes in improving sales through an enhanced company culture; and Mike Walsh, a consumer futurist, expert on digital trends and author of the book “Futuretainment.”

• Award-winning marketing expert Joseph Pine, author of the books “The Experience Economy” and” Infinite Possibility,” will talk about today’s “experience economy” and how to stage loyalty-winning experiences.

• Sessions with key marketing executives from IKEA, Caesars, MasterCard,, Sephora, Kellogg’s, Sears, JCPenney, and others, who will provide an insider’s view of their own challenges and achievements in loyalty and customer experience.

• A “Gamification of Loyalty” workshop headed by Gabe Zichermann, author of “The Gamification Revolution” and a leading gamification expert, and COLLOQUY research editor Jeff Berry.

• A kick-off golf scramble (pre-registration required) on opening day, Sept. 29. Count me in!

Marketers invest billions of dollars in loyalty programs, so the profitability of these efforts is a key consideration today. At the Summit, marketers can gain the tools to adjust that cost in their favor.

If you’d like more information about how the COLLOQUY Loyalty Summit can benefit you and your business, view this video:

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