May 7: Loyalty Links & Likes

Loyalty Links & Likes1. Localytics’ New Report Measures App Stickiness – Inside Mobile Apps

Marketing and analytics company Localytics has released its first App Stickiness Index, measuring app engagement and loyalty values across multiple app genres.

2. How a Tactile Complement Can Strengthen Digital Campaigns – Chief Marketer

With advancements in digital technology, consumers have the ability to be “tuned in” at all hours of the day. Ironically, this group of intentionally “tuned in” people can quickly become involuntarily “tuned out” by the sheer volume of digital interactions and their fleeting nature.

3. Grounds for a Relaunch: A Q&A with Dunkin’ Donuts – COLLOQUY

When Dunkin’ Donuts relaunched its DD Perks program in January, there was as much to consider behind the scenes as there was in front of the customer. In this Q&A, Dunkin’s vice president of global consumer engagement explains the strategy behind the changes.

4. How Vehicle Recalls Drive Automotive Brand Loyalty – Business2Community

In the face of a traffic jam of recent auto recalls, it may help automotive manufacturers to also recall their industry has faced times like these before. It turns out that some auto brands come out with less brand-damage than others. But why is that? Why do some auto brands manage to steer through a recall better than others?

5. Marketing Shifting from Acquisition to Engagement – 4Hoteliers

Marketers have long known that it is much easier to sell something new to a current customer than it is to acquire a new customer; Now, for the first time, small businesses are investing more of their resources, including time and money, in strengthening relationships with existing customers, rather than acquiring new customers.


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