May 28: Loyalty Links & Likes

Screen shot 2012-06-20 at 9.38.29 AM1.  How Local Search Innovators Can Improve Customer Loyalty – Forbes

More and more people are using websites and apps to book appointments or reservations, and they may be missing out on positive interactions with local merchants.

2.  Multi-Motivators: Choosing – and Using – the Most Effective Loyalty Incentives – COLLOQUY

Merchants are increasingly complementing their standard loyalty programs with focused initiatives, or motivators, that respond to specific consumer preferences and entice the shopper to add more to the basket.

3.  Hyundai Makes Loyalty Center of World Cup Campaign – AdAge

As the official auto partner of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Hyundai will focus on the passion and loyalty of fans rather than athletic endorsers in a planned marketing blitz.

4.  Can Loyalty Scheme Innovations Earn Back Lost Customers – Marketing Week UK

Can innovations in loyalty re-engage a public whose buying decisions, thanks to the recession, have become much more pragmatic?

5.  How Technology Makes Loyalty Schemes Smarter – BRW

The transition from paper loyalty cards to digital needs to be handled carefully, but the benefits are huge.

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