April 9: Loyalty Links & Likes

media-upload1.  Build Customer Loyalty With Rewards and Other Tactics That Motivate – Marketing Profs

As the economy bounces back from the recession, private labels are holding on to their share of the market. Brands need to creatively find ways to drive loyalty in an already-crowded marketplace.

2.  Evolving to Customer Experience Marketing – Business 2 Community


Brands that help their customers find solutions by consistently delivering relevant products and services designed to offer utility will thrive in the new marketing landscape.

3.  Building Customer Loyalty in the Digital Age – iMedia Connection

Consumers interact with marketing messages the same way they interact with other people — through emotion. Here’s how to tap into basic human triggers.

4.  Tax Preparers Look to Loyalty for Many Returns – COLLOQUY

As certain as taxes may be in life, few people consider filing them an engaging experience. Several firms, including H&R Block and TurboTax, are using loyalty initiatives to fix that.

5.  Analysis: The Many Ways of Tackling Customer Engagement – CMO Australia

CMO reflects on the many approaches to customer engagement and centricity being displayed by brands and organisations and why there’s still a long way to go.



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