April 23: Loyalty Links & Likes

Loyalty Links & Likes1. Three Steps to Retail Loyalty Programs that Connect with Customers – Retail Customer Experience

When it comes to why a customer shops with a particular brand, the loyalty program is actually fairly far down the list of reasons for why a customer engages. Loyalty marketers can take steps to ensure their programs have a higher chance of resonating deeply with consumers.

2. Hold That Tweet! Building Loyal Customers in the Information Age – Hotel News Resource

While the digital age has changed the rules of marketing, experts at a recent Wharton conference suggest that the most effective outreach centers on personal connections rather than random tweets or texts.

3. Linking Data with Desire: A Q&A with Mastercard Loyalty Solution – COLLOQUY

Schwark Satyayolu, global head of rewards and offers at MasterCard, talk about the strategy behing the Card Linked Offers initiative.

4. Digital Personalization: How Intimate Should Brands Get – Information Week UK

Personalization brings brands the chance to reach people with relevant marketing at the right time, but how intimate do consumers really want the relationship to be?

5. The Best Marketing Insight I’ve Read in the Last Five Years – Business2Community

People will ultimately buy form who they know, who they trust. That isn’t going to come from the best backlinks or optimized content, but instead the most human content and the most human companies.

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