April 16: Loyalty Links & Likes

media-upload1. How to Use Big Data, Gamification for Better Rewards Programs – BizReport

Whether the business is a restaurant with a punch card or customers earn redeemable points based on purchase, there are ways to improve the reward experience to build a more loyal customer base.

2. When it Comes to Loyalty Marketing, Sometimes Less is Really More РRetail Customer Experience

The propensity to load programs with benefits and features is based on the assumption that customers will remember and value a broader offering. This approach, however, is not the most effective.

3. Tax Preparers Look to Loyalty for Many Returns – COLLOQUY

As certain as taxes may be in life, few people consider filing them an engaging experience. Several firms, including H&R Block and TurboTax, are using loyalty initiatives to fix that.

4. Seven Tools for Re-activating Dormant Customers – Street Fight Magazine

Seven examples of hyperlocal vendors that offer tools designed to re-engage lapsed customers with targeted messages and promotions.

Building and Maintaining Customer Loyalty with Today’s Consumer – ClickZ

There are three keys to securing consumer loyalty in today’s market: know your customers, coordinate online and offline customer experiences, and anticipate service opportunities.


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