April 16: Loyalty Links & Likes

media-upload1. How to Use Big Data, Gamification for Better Rewards Programs – BizReport

Whether the business is a restaurant with a punch card or customers earn redeemable points based on purchase, there are ways to improve the reward experience to build a more loyal customer base.

2. When it Comes to Loyalty Marketing, Sometimes Less is Really More – Retail Customer Experience

The propensity to load programs with benefits and features is based on the assumption that customers will remember and value a broader offering. This approach, however, is not the most effective.

3. Tax Preparers Look to Loyalty for Many Returns – COLLOQUY

As certain as taxes may be in life, few people consider filing them an engaging experience. Several firms, including H&R Block and TurboTax, are using loyalty initiatives to fix that.

4. Seven Tools for Re-activating Dormant Customers – Street Fight Magazine

Seven examples of hyperlocal vendors that offer tools designed to re-engage lapsed customers with targeted messages and promotions.

Building and Maintaining Customer Loyalty with Today’s Consumer – ClickZ

There are three keys to securing consumer loyalty in today’s market: know your customers, coordinate online and offline customer experiences, and anticipate service opportunities.


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