April 3: Loyalty Links & Likes

LinksAndLikes-011. Building A Successful Retail Loyalty Program – CMS Wire

Businesses are realizing that it is more important and profitable to focus on customer retention and building customer loyalty rather than expanding customer base.

2. Facts vs. Insights: How To Know You Have Truly Profound Customer Insights – Business 2 Community

The question many ask when helping marketing leaders recently is – how do we know we truly have profound insights?

3. The Race to Sensing In-Store Behavior – COLLOQUY

Manufacturers and retailers are in a foot race to capture the elusive behavior of the in-store shopper. New location-based technologies are getting it down, in some cases to the meter.

4. Study: Millenials Show More Brand Loyalty than their Parents – Brafton

Studying millenials and their habits offers insight into the changing marketing landscape as these technological early adopters mature and gain even more buying power.

5. Marketers Must Assume Control of Customer Experience – Marketing Week UK

CMOs must push to fully assume control of the customer experience as a responsibility for digital channels such as social media, e-mail and mobile messaging increasingly falls to marketing.

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