March 19: Loyalty Links & Likes


1.  Why Bother Shopping to get Supermarket Gas Rewards if You’re Going There on Foot?- Greater Greater Washington

Calling for grocery stores especially in urban areas to expand their rewards beyond just gasoline.

2.  Ripped From the Headlines:  At JetBlue, Loyalty is a Badge of  Honor – COLLOQUY

Input from customers and crew creates clear sailing for the TrueBlue badges loyalty program.

3.  Employees can play a key role in increasing customer loyalty – Retailwire

Getting employees more engaged in loyalty programs will help them do the same with customers.

4.  Using Loyalty Programs to Lure Customers Away from Discounts- Business 2 Community

Luring shoppers with price cuts is short-lived and short sighted.  More effective loyalty programs have longer-lasting benefits.

5.  New Report Ranks the Best U.S. Companies in Customer Loyalty – Bulldog Reporter

Bank of America, Amazon, Zappos and Apple Among Leaders in report showing how Companies Position Themselves to Outpace Their Competitors to Increase Customer Retention and Acquisition.

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