March 12: Loyalty Links & Likes

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1. Why Are Building Employee Loyalty and Getting on a “Best Places to Work” List a Marketer’s Dream? – Business2Community

For executives who sincerely want to improve their company’s performance, improvement in employee loyalty alone is a guaranteed profit and growth builder. 

2. Ripped From the Headlines: Amex’s Top 10 Loyalty Lessons – COLLOQUY

A look at experts in media, entertainment and sports for insights into how companies can turn potential customers into fans and loyal brand advocates.

3. Making Loyalty Data Useful Across the Company – Marketing Interactive

Loyalty programs have the potential to become a center of useful, practical insights for the entire business and not just the marketing department.

4. How Mobile Apps Can Nurture Brand Loyalty: Stories from SXSW – Marketing Land

Brands may think they’ve got it made when they’ve enticed a customer to download and install their mobile app, but there’s so much more opportunity when it comes to nurturing customer loyalty.

5. Reasons Why Small Businesses Are Turning To Mobile Loyalty Programs – Business2Community

Loyalty programs have been around for a long time now, but mobile loyalty programs are growing very quickly, as more and more small businesses put them in place.

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