December 4: Loyalty Links & Likes

Loyalty Links & LikesHere are a few loyalty links that caught my eye this week.

1. This Brand Decided to Charge More on Black Friday, and People Loved It – Adweek

Cards Against Humanity ups prices but is able to win more customer loyalty.

2. A Challenge of Degrees: Attracting Loyalty Marketing’s Future – COLLOQUY

How loyalty marketers can compensate for the predicted shortage of data analysts.

3. 10 Strategies for Choosing the Right Loyalty Incentives – Street Fight Magazine

Loyalty experts offer tips for creating the best smorgasbord of rewards benefits for customers.

4. A Supreme Court Fight for the Rights of (Frequent) Fliers – NPR

A case before the Supreme Court could set the precedent for whether or not frequent fliers have any legal rights in disputes over their memberships.

5. Burger King Tests Fan Loyalty by Giving Away Big Macs – AdAge

The Norway chapter of the fast food chain gave away free Big Mac coupons to weed out impostors from its true loyal followers.

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